Infranor Group

Key products in response to market needs

Working from their insight into market requirements and customer needs, our technical sales and engineering companies determine market requirements and trends. On that basis, our manufacturing companies develop and build modular core products in servo-technology: servo-motors, sensors, precision gearboxes, drives, and numerical controls.

Our broad experience and comprehensive technological expertise in this area is the basis for our highly innovative product development.

We have clear development targets and are pursuing three main objectives in our current development plans:

Expanding the range of available sizes in the motor lines.
Increasing the ability to adapt products to specific customer needs and thus reducing the number of options kept in stock.
Developing customized solutions that can be sold in sufficient numbers, in collaboration with the Infranor sales and engineering companies.


Newest product developments

  • Visitouch touchscreen system for CNC press brakes
  • XtrapulsPac : universal servodrive
  • XtraforsPrime : slotless compact AC servomotor
  • Fastware: tools machines and production machines numerical control
  • InfraCNC3: integrate CNC and industrilal PC