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The software package XtracontrolEasyMotion is a complete machine control solution that makes it possible to realize a plurality of movements in a simple manner.  XtracontrolEasyMotion Logo

In addition to the normal operating mode setting, manual and automatic, the software provides a program editor, which enables easy implementation of movements without detailed programming knowledge.
Specially designed to Infranor drive technology concept also set up the drives without deep knowledge is possible.

Simple movement Description

The description of the movement takes place in accordance with the PLCopen standard through easily understandable parameters. For example, a positioning is decribed by the position, speed, acceleration and deceleration ramp.
All parameters for the application are entered in meaningful user units. It is not necessary in rethinking technical factors.

Customized solutions

On request, the user interface can be adapted to the specific conditions and specialized functions can be implented.


  • User units
  • Motor database
  • Rotative / linear motion
  • Autotuning of axes
  • Backup and Restore for programs
  • Homing / reference programs
  • Manual programs
  • User level
  • Multilingual Standard German / English (expandable)

Program storage

  • up to 100 programs


  • 16 Digital inputs
  • 16 Digital outputs
  • 8 Variables / Timer
  • 8 Digital I/O per drive


  • Abs. and rel. position profile
  • Homing / Referenzing
  • Speed profile
  • Torque profile
  • Torque limiting
  • Braking ramps
  • Gearing function
  • Phase correction