AE / AER helical planetary gearbox

AE / AER helical planetary gearbox

Helical bevel gearbox

Series AE / AER helical planetary gearboxes are available in both coaxial and right angle versions. These gearboxes with low backlash, output shaft or flange, are featured by their low mechanical noise, their high radial load and an optional stainless steel housing SUS416.

They are suited to high dynamic applications in a harsh environment (optional IP67).

Applications: Machines for food and packaging industry, ...


- Low mechanical noise
- High radial load
- IP65, IP67 optional
- optional Stainless steel housing SUS416


- Rated torque: 8 to 459 Nm
- Gearing ratio: 3 to 1000
- Backlash: 6 to 16 arcmin
- Operating temperature: 0 to 90°C
- High mechanical efficiency: up to 97 %