Infranor GmbH, Germany

Solutions in Motion Control

Infranor GmbH, Hanau was originally founded during 1968 in Heidelberg as a subsidary of the Infranor Group.

Our main target is the close collaboration and partnership with our customers. Following this principle we develop optimized solutions in view of the applications economy, technology and logistics.

The base of our success is a wide spectrum of premium and innovative standard products and the flexibility in adaptations to customer specific requirements. The combination with our experience of many years gives us the possibility to realize solutions from component level up to complete automation concepts.

Our experience extends from machines and special machines to automation. The main application areas are in textile, machine tools, packaging and measuring technology as well as solutions for mobile electric tools.

Customized concepts for logistics and repair services for our products completes our range of capabilities and capacity.

Infranor GmbH

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D-63452 Hanau

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