Manufacturing companies

For over 25 years Infranor SAS has been manufacturing servo-amplifiers for industrial servo applications. The product range includes: DC Amplifiers utilized for driving DC motors with power ratings from 100 watts to 15 kilowatts (310 Volts 120 Amps peak) and state-of-the-art digital drives for DC Brushless and AC servomotors.

Since its establishment in 1973 Infranor Mavilor has been offering innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology in the design and production of servo-motors for every type of motion control and rotary application. With more than 35 years of accumulated experience which incorporates all stages of design, production and implementation enables us to offer a broad range of high performance industrial servo-motors. The servo-motor range includes flat to extended geometry styles and from brushed to brushless technology types, executed with AC or DC technology.